Spirit Hive: 

Hive hosts Mike and Michelle love their bees! Their garden has never produced more since becoming hive hosts. Some people may recognize Michelle as a very successful charter boat captain and owner of Spear-it Charters. Mike runs his own marine repair business. This hive was rescued from an apartment complex on Flagler Ave. in late January of 2019. This is a very strong hive that started out very small but grew quickly. Located on Geiger Key the bees from this hive have foraging opportunities like the Kingbird Hive but with the bonus of the gardens that Mike and Michelle had planted.

Kingbird Hive: 

Captain Doc is the host of our Kingbird Hive. Some may recognize him as the owner of Kingbird Charters. Capt. Doc was an avid surfer and “pool boy to the stars” in California before moving to the Keys.  The Kingbird Hive started out under a Stock Island trailer in November of 2018 and was relocated to Geiger Key.  When this hive was relocated it was very small, we gave it time to grow and 8 months later we were able to get our first harvest. Located close to the runways of NAS Boca Chica in an area where mangrove and buttonwood dominate the landscape this hive produces some very sweet golden honey that has a buttery flavor.

Penn’s Doggone Good Hive:

This is the Hive that started it all. Our home hive located on Oceanside of Cudjoe Key was named after our poodle Penn. This hive started as a hobby hive and now has become a rock star producing hive that keeps giving us incredible amounts of honey. The bees from this hive forage on Palm trees and the many ornamental flowing plants in the neighborhood. The honey from this hive is super sweet just like our dog Penn.

Redfish Hive:

Hive Host Todd once told me that watching the bees come and go is much like watching a campfire burn. Its mesmerizing. This hive was a rescue from an old home that was abandoned after hurricane Irma. Neighbors were having issues with the bees, instead of spraying them they contacted us. The hive is now located on the gulfside of Cudjoe Key.  These bees feed on mangroves and palm trees and produce a honey that is sweet with a beautiful yellow color and slightly spicy.

Acosta Trail Hive: 

Located on Upper Sugarloaf this hive was a swarm on Stock Island that moved into the roof of a mobile home. Unfortunately, several months after the relocation to its new home we discovered the queen was lost. We placed a new queen and with time the hive is again thriving. This a a calm hive that is a great to work with. The bees from this hive have a variety of native plants in the area along with some introduced species to get nectar and pollen from.

Lenny’s Stingray Hive:

Big Coppitt Key Hive host Lenny’s hive has been in place since just before Christmas of 2018. The hive was rescued from the Casa Marina area, in downtown Key West. The hive has had its share of struggles but keeps on going. When asked for a name for this hive Lenny didn’t hesitate. The hive is named after Lenny’s 1964 red Corvette. Palm trees and ornamental plants with some tropical fruit trees are in the area for the bees to forage on. We love the name and the sweet nutty honey this hive produces.