Are you interested in having backyard beehive, but don’t want to become a beekeeper yourself or aren’t sure of the time and money needed to become a beekeeper? Cudjoe Bee’s “Host a Hive” program allows you to have a hive without the worry of maintaining it.   Hosts will receive some of the honey collected from their hive.  Cudjoe Bee will place the hive, maintain it, and harvest the honey.  We will even allow you to assist if you are interested in learning about the bees. Hosting honeybees is a 1-year commitment. By hosting a hive, you do not gain ownership of the equipment or of the bees inside.

If you are interested, we encourage you to look around your property and see if it is suitable for a bee hive. Do you own your property? Do you have an area that receives 4 hours of direct sun a day and is not damp? Will your neighbors have problems with a bee hive?  Honeybees are very passive animals who are unlikely to sting when left alone.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Hive Relocations