Do you have an unwanted beehive? We offer bee-friendly honey bee relocations at competitive prices.  We never use pesticides; all our removals are live colony relocations.  We not only remove the bees, we remove the comb that they’ve made. Bees have a very fine sense of smell, and the odor of an old hive will attract bees in the surrounding area for years. Removal/rescued hives have good homes and are often placed in our “Host a Hive” program with property owners around the Lower Keys who want bees on their property.  If you have an unwanted hive or swarm, please give us a call for a FREE consultation


Are you Licensed for bee removals?  I am a registered beekeeper with the State of Florida and fully insured. Florida Beekeeper registration #48021544

What is the difference between a swarm and a hive?  A swarm is a group of bees who all huddle around the queen to protect her.  A swarm has no hive, honeycomb, or wax because they have not had time to build one yet. They’re looking for a home. A hive consists of bees that have made comb and made a “home”

Is it illegal to kill honey bees?  No, it is not illegal. Honey bees face many threats and their populations are declining across the globe. Relocation is the preferred method over poisons. A world without bees will last approximately 30 days.

Will you do damage to my building when you remove the hive?  We try and minimize any damage we do when removing a hive. Unfortunately, sometimes we must remove soffit boards, ceiling drywall, and other materials to get at the hive. We will work with your contractor or maintenance person to minimize the repair work and be as least intrusive as we can.

Why not just seal the bees in the hive?  Honey is an attractive food source for many other pests such as rats, roaches, and ants. These pests will also try to get into the abandoned hive to feast. Honey can cause damage to the building. If there are no bees present to tend to the hive and maintain the temperature in our South Florida heat, the comb will melt and the honey may start to drip through the drywall ceiling.

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